Called to Serve

January 13, 2010 - January 13, 2012

Thursday, May 6, 2010


First of all,

Dude they planted triploids behind Grandma Romm's house?!?! Pois é. Right as I leave the country. So I got the picture you sent mom, but you only sent one old one that he took before I left, I don't understand lol. Tell Elder Clark I say hello and I love him. Oh and this is how it works I guess, you guys have to call me on mothers day, but on Saturday I'll call you and tell you the phone number and for sure what time, but right now I'm like 83 percent sure it'll be at 8 A.M. your time 2 P.M. my time. I guess they used to use skype to talk on mothers day but the president kiboshed it this month, that would've been sweet lol. So things have been pretty sweet, we found 2 families and a few other people that we are going to baptize - (I think it has a z....Batisar...batizar...baptise...baptize.nem sei) because the Lord just handed them to us lol. We went to the temple today! The Curitiba temple is huge and way, way cool inside. Pretty amazing. I had another firs time experience this week. I was doing contacts in another city because my comp had a leadership meeting and we walked into a store and we met one of my investigators that worked as manager there. She saw us and came up to us. Only i noticed that she was coming a little fast...She kept getting closer and hadn't slowed down...still not slowed down. So I stuck my hand out to shake her hand but she kinda blew by that ploy. Then she went in for a hug and kiss like is common here. I had to do some very quick thinking so I kinda did a sidestep stiff arm in panic and so she only got like a half hug / awkward pose thing...and I just said "oh we cant really do that..." People I'm telling you it was so awkward that it tasted bad when it came out of my mouth. The taste stayed for at least 6 hours afterwards too. She hasn't come to church yet and we went by last night to see if she would come this week and she said for sure that she was gonna go this time because she was really curious. Maybe that was the awkward moment she had been needing to make her wonder just what the heck is wrong with these Mormons. We'll see =] Other than that its been more of the same. I'm starting to teach better. Slowly. But its an improvement and Im soooo thankful for it. And I think Portuguese is finally taking over my brain because I've really struggled to write this letter; like seriously its been tough to decide how to word things. And I never could spell so there's that too. Mas eu amo vocês!! E boa sorte com as coisas la gente =] Paz e amor

Elder Romm

Oh ps I never got a camera chord so I'll just send the chip home =]

Feel the Love

Holy emails today, suffice it to say I feel the love =P You guys are the best!

So yea I guess I'll be calling the day before Mothers day to set up the time and all that for when i call for reals, it'll be nice and quick so I don't cry. Yea mom I cant find the pics that you say you sent to me, idk but they aren't there =/ Elder Clark is back!!!??! Sweet! That guy is the man! Brad, go on splits with him and teach Spencer mmk? =] Sounds like things are going well at home, that makes me happy. Things here have been getting better too. We've been working harder and I've been owning my contacts. Our Zone leaders said they would make a huge breakfast for the district that earned the most points for baptising and teaching lessons. My companion wants to win. Its been good. Portuguese still kicks me in the face repeatedly at various times during the day, but bit by bit I'll get it lol. The other day I was teaching and testifying about the authority to baptise and after I got done the sweet old lady smiled and looked at my companion and said what did he say? Terrific!

We have this mission choir and they did their first fireside this last Sunday and it was epic. We had like 4 people come up to us and say "I want to go to Church now, heres my address, come after 6." Aw yea. I'm really trying to learn to teach, I feel bad for my companion, but I just cant quite get it lol. So just before I came to e-mail i was on my bed like half asleep and you know when you like half dream and you do like a full body spasm jerk and if there's somebody close by then you scare the crud out of them? Yea that happened. My companion almost died he was laughing so hard lol. Also something happened this week before we went to teach one of our investigators, I was thinking about how I am supposed to be given what i should say to people when I teach and then as I was walking I had these random principles popping up in my mind about teaching about how everything the Lord did for us was because of his love and how he answers prayers and also how we can't pay him back for what he gave us, and so I started working out the sentences in my mind and stuff because Portuguese takes me a sec to think about, and then at the end of the lesson we went to teach the investigator said, but I feel like Ialready done my part and was just saying how she doesn't feel like she needs to do anything different. I was like "wo wo wo missy. Hold on a sec" and was prepared to explain a little bit about the atonement and how everything we're asked to do is really for us. It was really, really cool. I love 1 nephi 10:19 and Moroni 10:19 because the Heavenly Father really is a God of miracles and He's the same yesterday, today and forever and his love and willingness to help and bless his children is never lacking, and its just as strong today as it was when he guided Moses and his people out of Egypt. The Scriptures own any movie out there man; especially because its true! Love you guys!! Talk to you later!

Elder Romm