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January 13, 2010 - January 13, 2012

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 28th, 2011

Hey Family,

So this weekend was intense.  We got a call from our APs and they challenged us to baptize this week.  We didn't have any baptismal dates for this Saturday and we were a little frustrated by their invitation.  But then my companion and i learned a very important lesson.  A few actually.  We decided that we did indeed want to baptize.  We believed that it was possible.  If it weren't then our leaders wouldn't have challenged us to do it.  We had the desire and the faith we just needed the works.  We decided that yes, we were going to do it.  Then we went a little crazy running after some people.  After we found three of our investigators that could be baptized we did everything possible to help them be baptized this last weekend.  Everything turned against us.  Our water heater at the church never worked.  All the youth would be away at an activity or in another state.  The parents of one didn't authorize it.  The other parents were upset because they thought it was too soon.  Both of the two young women we were going to baptize were passing through that time of the month and were nervous and didn't want to be baptized.  The young woman's president was going to be out of town.  The member that they wanted to baptize them would also be gone.  We didn't know why but we just knew that the Lord wanted us to baptize them this weekend.  We went to our baptismal font, cleaned it out and kneeled to say a prayer.  We prayed for hot water.  The two girls passed in the interview and were actually excited to be baptized sooner rather than later when they stopped to think about it.  The parents understood that we were just trying to do a good thing that would change their daughters lives forever, we filled up the font and the heater....turned on.  The bishop told us later that it had never worked since they installed it.  The baptism ended up being one of the most spiritual of my mission.


I love you guys!  have a great week!!!
Elder Romm

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 20th, 2011

Dear Family,

The work continues and the weather is hot.

These last two days we have done some serious walking.  We did a division with some missionaries in our zone and with the absence of my comp i was a little lost haha.  It's so great to have a companion who works and loves to work.  It makes all the difference.

This weekend we didn't baptize but the week before we did, I didn't have to time to write about that, it was awesome.  This weekend we did a fast with two youth so that they could be baptized and they told us yesterday that it worked!  Its actually a funny story because it's been 6 months since they first came to church and have never had permission from their parents to be baptized but when they fasted and their parents found out and they got mad and told them that they could be baptized if they stopped fasting.  woohoo!  Now we have them and two other young men that are super excited too for the 30th of September. 

We've started to read the Book of Mormon again and we are marking all the parts where it talks about any principle of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I'm finding a lot of details that I've never picked up before.  The Book of Mormon really does have the fullness of the Gospel.

The tender mercies and little miracles continue to happen and i just love that.  We never feel worthy of them but we just keep on keepin on and doing the best we know how to do, and praying for guidance.  I think my favorite scripture this week is D+C 64:25.  Our whole life is made up of a bunch of todays and if we just focus on making our sacrifice for today then that's sufficient.  A few minutes in the scriptures and prayer, a few kind words (in my case a few more contacts) and we're set. 

Well this work is great, I don't know everything about doing it but I do love trying.  There's just something about the Gospel that keeps you pumped.  Maybe its the unlimited re-dos you get or the promise of divide assistance or maybe the eternal perspective that it gives me.  Its just amazing.  And whats best is that its true.

I love you guys, have a great week!
Elder Romm

Saturday, September 17, 2011

September 14th, 2011

Alright family here's the deal.

So last week was independence day in Brazil and nothing was open so my bad on the whole cliff hanger deal.  And now I have two weeks worth of updating to do and it just so happens that these last two weeks were two of the wildest weeks I've had on the mission. Let me make an attempt, if you guys just end up with a half of an e-mail you'll know I tried but failed.

This is the Lord's work and all who deny it will be left kicking against the pricks for eternity.

This week my companion and I have seen many, many miracles.

1. A man who has been coming to church with his family for a year felt the spirit in a gospel principles class and told us that he felt the desire to be baptize.  All doubts disappeared.  Later in the other week we returned to his home and told us that he was incapable of quiting cigarettes and felt that he needed to something else.  After 2 and half hours of battling in the spirit I followed the prompting i had been receiving for quite a while in the lesson.  As I said the words 'I suggest a priesthood blessing' he stopped dead still and said that after all the words we had said this phrase seemed to cut him to the core didn't know why.  Then he got all pumped and said "That's it! This is what I like about this church! Nobody else can do what you guys do!"  We gave him then a powerful blessing, however not removing his personal responsibility.  He will quit.

2.  We visited an English teacher who had a daughter suffering from brain problems and we felt prompted to share a message with him.  In the top floor of his school we taught him the plan of salvation in English.  We sat talking with him a while and the question, "what are you afraid of" kept popping into my head.  Finally I asked him and he stopped and looked at me and said ' you guys are the first people to ask me that question'.  We explained that even if his daughter were damaged that none of it would be permanent and passed to him the hope found in the plan of happiness.  Afterwords he prayed and he asked Father in Heaven to help his own daughter, something he had been struggling to do.  Then he looked at us and said man, I feel something really different.  Do you guys do this with everyone?  Yes.  He told us that something deep inside him told him that everything we said was true.  His daughter is back home and her illness is treatable.

3.  We did a contact with a MMA fighter in the street and set a time to return and teach him.  He's a big tough kind of guy but very humble.  As we shared the story of the Restoration of the Gospel he listened intensely and as we handed him the book of Mormon it was obvious to see the goose bumps shoot up his arms and tears fill his eyes.  When he looked at us with a surprised look he said, when I touched your book I felt something different,  I invited him to be baptized by one hold the priesthood authority of God and he said "yes" Then as I went to mark a date his cell phone began to ring loudly, but he didn't pay any attention.  The timing was to perfect to be a coincidence, but the spirit overpowered the distraction.

4.  While doing contacts in a division a young man who had visited the church Sunday night stopped to talk to us and asked if we were on our way to the chapel, we said yes even though we hadn't really planned on it.  We walked with him talking about what he has been thinking about the church.  He said that he started going to seminary everyday that week and that something in his life was changing and that he was even sleeping better.  We taught him about the restoration and invited him to be baptized, he accepted and after the lesson showed us the goose bumps on his arms and with teary eyes only said "thank you"  that was the best feeling I've had as a missionary.  Last night I talked to him and he is already in the 20th chapter of 1 Nephi and his grandma told him that if he wanted to be baptized that he could.  He then brought three more friends who also loved how they felt when they were in the chapel.  We will teach them later tonight.

5.  While walking on the street a 24 year old guy walked by me and I just stuck out my hand and said ' hey, how's it goin."  We started to talk and discovered that he had talked with a missionary on a bus 4 years ago while he was traveling, he invited us to go with him to his house to show us where he lived so we could come back and teach him and his girlfriend.  We're going there tonight. 

6. Yesterday we traveled to Curitiba for a training and in the crowded bus I felt like I should talk with a young man seated in front of me.  There were many people surrounding him and I thought to myself, if those people leave then I'll talk to him.  Not 3 seconds passed and all those people got off at the bus stop.  I said a prayer and just saw myself standing in front of him shaking his hand the the next thing I know I was actually shaking his hand.  I don't know where the courage came from.  I taught him the Restoration and gave him a book of Mormon.  I don't know if anything will happen, all I know is that the peace that I felt after having taught him with something I would go to the end of the earth to feel again.

My companion and I have decided that we like to be used by the spirit and every single day we get to experience these miracles.  This is the work of the Lord and his only true church, anyone who doubts it needs to take their blindfold off and spend a day with the missionaries.

When obedience has become a quest, confidence and testimony in the things that are true become immovable.

I love you all and I'm out of time!
Elder Romm