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January 13, 2010 - January 13, 2012

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 9th, 2011

Dear Family,

Hey everyone!  How was the airport with Brad today?  If he is like me than he was completely in shock the whole time.  Who cried more?

I'm so excited for Brad.  These next two months will be very important for him.  Brad, the MTC is awesome.  Your experience will be a little bit different than mine but the spirit is the same.  How did you feel after the large group meeting on the first day?  When we sang 'Praise to the Man' I felt the spirit hit me like a wave passing from the left to the right side of the room and I couldn't sing anymore, because I was just crying.

This last week was awesome! We had the baptism of Oriana, and because of her we will have two more baptisms here in about two weeks.  We are trying to talk to everyone we pass on the street and find these people to baptize. 

We had three lessons yesterday that were super special.  It had been a long time since I felt the spirit so strongly in the first vision.  Two lesson where with older couples and one with a bunch of youngins.  In both the lessons the same thing happened, right when I started to teach the first vision the spirit went straight to the peoples hearts and you could tell that they felt something because they sat up straight in their chairs and took a few glances around or started to look at their goose bumps.  That was something so special for me.  I had been praying for an experience like that and I felt so happy that I could feel like a tool in the Lord's hand in those sacred minutes.

Brad is gunna love this experience.  And Jess better get ready for it because he's next!

I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Romm (the one in Brazil)

November 2nd, 2011

Hey Family,

We just got back right this instant from a zone conference way on the other side of the mission and I'm sooo tired.  It was a great trip and I learned a bunch.  This last week flew by really quick and we had some awesome stuff happen.  We are about 7 weeks without baptisms in this area and last Sunday a girl came up to my companion and told him she was going to be baptized this weekend.  No complaints.  I also did a division with one of the members and he told me he served in rio de janeiro north mission.  After talkin with him I found out that he lived in the same house as Elder Hodgson.  I saw a picture of a little skinny sun burnt Jared!  That was pretty cool.

Tomorrow we've another training to do and we have about 1 hour to plan it tonight if we get lucky.  We like to live on the edge.

This week was pretty hard for my companion because he's been here for a while and has been working like crazy but having zero success.  I was grateful that I could do something to help him for a change and not feel like the noob for a little bit.  It really is inspired that we work in two.

Mom I watched a conference on genealogy today and it's like completely opened my eyes.  I want to know my family history!  What do ya got for me? 

Well I love y'all and I don't have anymore time, maybe I'll have to revert to using letters to send more information.

Have a great week!

Love you Brad have a great mission! (Ask the MTC President if i can come see you before you fly off to wherever that place is!)

Elder Romm

October 26th, 2011

Olá Family,

This last week was pretty intense.  I had to give a talk in sacrament meeting this week.  It was interesting because I didn't have any time at all to prepare during this week so it was weak sauce.  I just followed the spirit and it turned out okay I suppose.  I'm getting used to this whole 'on the spot' recruiting deal.  Sometimes we don't even know what we are going to do but when called upon its go time.  I think that maybe that is why scouting is so important.  It teaches the physical principle of always being prepared and then we go on a mission to learn the spiritual side of the importance of always being prepared.  I've been learning how to treasure up many things in my mind because we never know what we'll need.
It's almost Halloween!  It's not a very popular Holiday here in Brazil. 

How is everyone doing?  Brad, you have to send me a copy of your talk, I wanna read it.  I've been telling everyone my brother is going to the Philippines.  When they ask where it is located I tell them that it is right next to the ends of the earth.  Partly because I don't really remember where it is.  Close to Thailand and Japan and the ocean right?  I don't even know.

Well i love you all and hope you have a great week and a happy Halloween!  Choose the Right!
Elder Romm

October 19th, 2011

Mom, Dad, and Family,

How is everyone doing?  This last week flew by and at the same time was a million years.  I know that doesn't make any sense but just pretend you know what I'm sayin.  Lots of things to do with what appears to be an ever shrinking space time.  It's a good thing my companion is who he is because i think without him I'd be completely nuts by now haha.

I'm convinced that my companion has some kind of chemical imbalance in his brain.  I've been trying to keep track of the symptoms to make an accurate diagnosis but its been difficult.  Imagine someone that is bipolar but that never goes on a low.  He's running on 110% overdrive all the time haha.  He's super funny.  And he is learning English and actually speaks fluently already.  So we just walk around and sometimes he just randomly starts scream/singing primary hymns like popcorn popping on the apricot tree.  And since i don't want him to look like a wierdo by himself i start singing also.

We have found some really awesome people lately too.  We found a family that is legally married with two kids who all accepted baptismal dates and another young college student who is super smart.  We are seeking out the families in our area with all that we've got.  I want to baptize another family here before i leave so its getting intense.

Curitiba is very different from Paranaguá.  I've noticed that everyone here just wants to fight us.  I've never used the Book of Mormon so much in my life. 

Today we are going to the temple, I'm stoked!  Alright i have to go, man i need to plan better what I'm going to write.  My brain is like a blender put on high and being rolled down the stairs!

Love you all !!
Elder Romm