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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 2nd, 2011

Hey Family,

We just got back right this instant from a zone conference way on the other side of the mission and I'm sooo tired.  It was a great trip and I learned a bunch.  This last week flew by really quick and we had some awesome stuff happen.  We are about 7 weeks without baptisms in this area and last Sunday a girl came up to my companion and told him she was going to be baptized this weekend.  No complaints.  I also did a division with one of the members and he told me he served in rio de janeiro north mission.  After talkin with him I found out that he lived in the same house as Elder Hodgson.  I saw a picture of a little skinny sun burnt Jared!  That was pretty cool.

Tomorrow we've another training to do and we have about 1 hour to plan it tonight if we get lucky.  We like to live on the edge.

This week was pretty hard for my companion because he's been here for a while and has been working like crazy but having zero success.  I was grateful that I could do something to help him for a change and not feel like the noob for a little bit.  It really is inspired that we work in two.

Mom I watched a conference on genealogy today and it's like completely opened my eyes.  I want to know my family history!  What do ya got for me? 

Well I love y'all and I don't have anymore time, maybe I'll have to revert to using letters to send more information.

Have a great week!

Love you Brad have a great mission! (Ask the MTC President if i can come see you before you fly off to wherever that place is!)

Elder Romm

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