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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 20th, 2011

Dear Family,

The work continues and the weather is hot.

These last two days we have done some serious walking.  We did a division with some missionaries in our zone and with the absence of my comp i was a little lost haha.  It's so great to have a companion who works and loves to work.  It makes all the difference.

This weekend we didn't baptize but the week before we did, I didn't have to time to write about that, it was awesome.  This weekend we did a fast with two youth so that they could be baptized and they told us yesterday that it worked!  Its actually a funny story because it's been 6 months since they first came to church and have never had permission from their parents to be baptized but when they fasted and their parents found out and they got mad and told them that they could be baptized if they stopped fasting.  woohoo!  Now we have them and two other young men that are super excited too for the 30th of September. 

We've started to read the Book of Mormon again and we are marking all the parts where it talks about any principle of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I'm finding a lot of details that I've never picked up before.  The Book of Mormon really does have the fullness of the Gospel.

The tender mercies and little miracles continue to happen and i just love that.  We never feel worthy of them but we just keep on keepin on and doing the best we know how to do, and praying for guidance.  I think my favorite scripture this week is D+C 64:25.  Our whole life is made up of a bunch of todays and if we just focus on making our sacrifice for today then that's sufficient.  A few minutes in the scriptures and prayer, a few kind words (in my case a few more contacts) and we're set. 

Well this work is great, I don't know everything about doing it but I do love trying.  There's just something about the Gospel that keeps you pumped.  Maybe its the unlimited re-dos you get or the promise of divide assistance or maybe the eternal perspective that it gives me.  Its just amazing.  And whats best is that its true.

I love you guys, have a great week!
Elder Romm

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