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January 13, 2010 - January 13, 2012

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

After a trial of their faith...

Alright what the yay yay, nay nay is going on here people. No response? Okay I'll try it again, I wonder if you guys are getting my e-mails....?

Well if you guys do get these...The CTM is really cool, they have amazing teachers here, and the Lord wants you to learn as much as possible, and we all know you learn best when you're humbled so along with rice and beans, I get a daily dose of humble pie. Usually force fed and on fire, haha. I'm really stoked to be a missionary though and I just can't wait to go to the mission field and actually speak Portuguese. That is gunna take some time though, I'm understanding almost everything the Brazilhero Elders say to me but I can't respond very well yet. Everyone says that there are a lot of similarities between Spanish and Portuguese but they are also very different. I have discovered this to be true. Apparently I only learned the stuff in Spanish class that happens to be different lol. We are actually doing really well in the language I think, though because we taught the first lesson in Portuguese yesterday. Not that we understood everything we said but it was all in Portuguese. We have been practicing teaching in English to try and experience how to teach with the spirit and to focus the lesson on the needs of the investigators which leads me to my story this week. There are so many things I could share with you that happen to me here but this is a pretty sweet one so I think I'll share this one =]. We had our first practice lesson on Monday, and we found out that we were less than was very, how you say, soul crushing - I believe this is the correct phrase. So after this we were quite frustrated and talked with our ZL, who is a hired instructor, kind of like the head instructor really, because we don't have enough missionaries to make up a zone even. But anyways this guy is amazing. And we had him come to our room and let us practice teaching him. We had our plan and I started off the lesson talking about God's love. Then after about 5 minutes he stopped us and made us start over because we just didn't know enough about him, like we weren't asking questions or something. So we go again and this time, it was different...I was listening to my companions teach (I'm in a three-some btw, idk if I told you, but not anymore we're getting new guys today, YAY) and I was just thinking, what does this guy need to hear? I prayed that even though it was just a practice that we could have the spirit with us so we could just experience teaching with power and authority just to know what it felt like. Then it just seemed so clear. The guy we were supposed to be teaching was having difficulties with his son and he didn't know what to try and i can't remember exactly what the whole situation was but i remember what i did. One of my companions was trying to explain a story about Alma the younger and I just kind of took over from there and it was totally different, it was like every word I said had its own weight or something and it just came out of my mouth, and as I told him that I knew God lived that that he knew exactly what he was feeling for his son and his situation and I said other things but I wrote them down, I have to go because I have 2 minutes left but I love you all and write me!!!! okay bye


  1. Yeah! The long awaited, (all night awake) waited email.

  2. LOVE IT! And hooray for Jake. Hopefully they fixed the problem, so we don't miss anymore awesome letters from our missionary!!

  3. Love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!!!!!