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January 13, 2010 - January 13, 2012

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Letter sent on January 17, 2010

Como Vai?! How are you guys? I'm very excited to get to write you guys, finally! No joke they keep you busy, like crazy! I'm doing well here and I'm more stoked than ever to get out in the field. Sao Paulo is amazing! It's fetchin Brazil you know!? When we finally got here (14 hours flying and about 20 total) when the plane landed it was like flying into Jurassic Park and it was tight. We met up with 6 missionaries returning to Brazil at Salt Lake and they wanted pictures of us, it was tight. They speak Portuguese muito bein. Then on the flight to Dallas I sat next to a Brazillian Elder who was going home that served in SLC and he taught me some words and cultural stuff, he was so cool and soooo funny! He taught me the word for moron but he didn't tell me that if you mix up the 'a' and the 'o' the word becomes something ubber bad in Portuguese, so of course I mixed it up later at the Dallas airport (while waiting for the flight to Sao Paulo, so surrounded by Brazilians) and the look on his face was priceless. He was like don't say that!!! don't ever ever say that, then he told his companion and he jumped in shock because of what I said. They had some fun with that! The missionaries I met while still at the Provo MTC were awe inspiring.. in a spiritual sense, and I just want it on record that I was in the MTC with Elder Wilks - destined for greatness. I have to go but I have tons more to say.. Ciao! I love you all!
Elder Jacob Romm

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