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January 13, 2010 - January 13, 2012

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Yay! im soo glad i got an email through finally!! Okay, so anyone in my family can email me so bring the rain, but i can only email mom back because of time, but they also have a thing here where you email me and they print it out and send it to me, it costs money but its same day kind of deal. I havent gotten any letters in the mail yet so it really is slow stuff down here. I'm so glad to hear how you guys are doing! Brads sick still? karma. He got me sick but I got over it quick, then got it again this last week and got better again. So I must admit I forgot most of the questions you guys asked because I was speed reading, but I can tell you this... Rice and beans are amazing. EVERYDAY! The food is way good. My teachers are so smart. I know so little about teaching the gospel and I decided that if I had my face in the scriptures every spare minute I have while in the CTM then pai celestial would make a missionary out of me yet. Wow this keyboard is fail. So yea we get to go outside on p-day whenever we want and just walk around Sao Paulo. We've been goin to the temple so I've been twice now. Its a really sweet temple! Lets see, I need to organize my thoughts before I come to email because I know there is just a yay yay nay nay load of stuff I want to tell you...Legal is a portuguese word that means like cool or legit. Thats bomb. My companion is elder Van Horn and we get along great. He's hilarious and looks like Ace Ventura and makes all the faces just out of nature lol. I bust my gut everyday. If anyone has advice for me in personal study or learning to teach better then hook me up. Jared Hodgy im lookin at you. I hear that rio is like the most dangerous place around lol. The brazilians are so dang funny. A big group just left yesterday and I'm sad, they were our neighbors but we got like 50 more this week. More Amercans are showin up too. I met an elder Trent who went to High School with Kevin Hodgy. Cool guy. Fetch I cant type nearly as fast as I can think, this is problematic for sure,dunno if thats a word. I'm happy here!!! I take for granted how fast my prayers are answered and I dunno why but the CTM turned me into an even bigger baby. Were you guys trying to make me cry with all your loving e-mails? comon! Okay well I better get goin, tell Clark I love him too Steph haha,SARAH! Yes you can email me and don't worry about the sweats, its an inferno here. It rains everyday but for like 1 hour a day. and hard. Like a rain forest or somthing,imagine that! We got three new elders in our district,they are hilarious, one is just like Dylan Idler, its trippy, and Brad there is an Elder here who talks about his body and acts like how you pretend to be alot. If that makes sense, only he's not acting and its pretty funny to me. Jesse, you are a Brazilian. Touchy feely and loving. All you sick people need to get better, deffinitely a bummer and this is a bummer free zone. HAH not, but more about that later =] Shell I miss you too! I miss my sisters so bad! I love my fam. you guys are legal x abajillion.5 I have to walk to the post office to mail letters so mail me haha. I sent a letter to mom a while ago but I have some more to send so expect them in a month. Ugh. There is no time to email. I can understand portuguese! when they speak uber slow haha. I cant talk very good yet but im more worried about what my message is right now. I've got another awesome teaching story that I just remembered too. I figured out that you listen to the spirit no matter what makes sense in your head, we taught a great first lesson but I ignored a prompting at the end and later our teacher told us what that we should have talked about gaining faith in Heavenly Father, and during the lesson Alma 32:27 popped into my head and I was like, its the end of the lesson that wouldn't fit at all so I ignored it. Fail...I felt so bad, I'm getting better at listening but its still newish. It really is amazing. I've never been a scripture mastery buff so it was insane the first time I experienced the promise in D and C when scriptures are brought to you in the very hour you need them, and its given you exactly what ye shall say. Its amazing because sometimes its news to even you! then you cry. gah. Oh well. crying never created an awkward moment. roflcakes. I love you mom and dad! I got some questions for you guys but idk when i'll get to ask them. I love you guys! write me! If you post this on the blog, Hi Sara! =] you write me too! haha. Seriously tho guys. do it.

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