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January 13, 2010 - January 13, 2012

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oi familia

Hey Everybody! I just got back from the Campinas temple today, we didn't go to Sao Paulo because it was being cleaned or something. This temple is a lot cooler I think. Plus it was like an hour and a half away so I got to write some letters and study. We'll see if I have time to send them off today. We had another TRC deal this last week with the second lesson in Portuguese and it was amazing, before I went in there I couldn't say anything correct and I didn't have the lesson down so I was really nervous, my companion is really good with Portuguese but he speaks better than he understands and Im the opposite, so he can give the message but if they have questions we're in trouble. There really is a difference when you pray with intent. I just wanted to be able to tell the people what I knew from the lesson, and that was it haha. After that I just calmed down and Portuguese just made sense for a little while! The people usually only ask one or two questions but these guys asked like 10. I managed to put together an answer for all of them and it really was amazing because the night before when we practiced we failed. We're starting the third lesson now and I'm really excited because its the gospel of Christ lesson and its even more happy and hopefully then the other ones =]. Mom, thanks so much for sending me that letter about Jessica's talk, that made my week. I've already used her example while teaching like 3 times and its sooooo sweet to hear she's still doing good. The rice and beans are getting old. Never thought I'd say that. Only 4 more weeks till I'm in Curitiba! I'm so terrified! I mean excited! I really have a lot of stuff to learn in 4 weeks so its going to fly by. We are going proselyting on Friday. To real people. Out in the city. I don't even know what to say. Our Brazilian roommates left on Tuesday and that was really sad, I loved those guys. Elder Carvalho and Elder Borges. Elder Carvalho was 22 and got baptised when he was 16 and he was an amazing guy, he spoke English really well but he never did because he was a punk lol. Elder Borges learned to understand English in 3 weeks. When he arrived he didn't speak any at all, on Tuesday I didn't speak Portuguese to him at all and he responded to everything. Its okay though I don't feel to bad, I'm pretty sure he was a genius. How is everyone doing? I got X's picture! Thanks man! The other Elders in my district were way jealous =]. Brad and Jess, I hear nothing from you. What the heck? Idk if I told you guys about the new Elders we got in our district but they are funny, nowhere near as funny as Brad and Jess but it gets me by. We got 3 sister missionaries in our district this week. So now we have 11 people instead of 5. And that's how it is. Choose the right, Keep the faith. Love ya =] - oh and Sara I wrote you a letter, I haven't been ignoring you haha, should be there in less than a month, give or take a few =P

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