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January 13, 2010 - January 13, 2012

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oi family =]

I got the first of the letters today, one from Sara and one from Dad, but that's all so far. Sara's took 23 days to get here! gah! So all this morning i was at the federal police trying to get my security card or whatever it is. I went with my district but they lost my application so everyone left and I stayed there with the church travel guy from Brazil. I need to tell you about this guy. Nacho libre with a missionary haircut. Really. He watched the movie and so he decided to learn English with that accent so anytime he says anything he says it exactly like Nacho, and he is one of the funniest guys I've ever met! He looks exactly like Jack Black so for about 6 hours today I was kickin it with Nacho. I enjoyed it. I also got to ride home in a Brazilian taxi. I've never been so terrified and amused at the same time. Mom I'm not sure how that print email thing works, I had to fill it out to get a free cookie haha, my bad. So this last week we did TRC which is like teaching experience where you teach members or people from around Sao Paulo. Eles não falam ingles. It was really interesting, we taught the first lesson and our teacher said we did alright, but he said it in the way that makes me think he was just saying it, so we wouldn't break down and cry again. Ha jk I don't cry.....So I read in dad's letter that the varsity got worked by everyone. That's cool. We play basketball here in like this semi outdoor gym and its pretty fun. I'm the only one who has played ball before. Our gym supervisor wanted to see a dunk, and so I did. Never again since then because I think the rice and beans act as some kind of gravity amplifying device. Or I got fat. idk. We started teaching the second lesson in Portuguese yesterday and I dont know what happened to me. I was doing really well speaking Portuguese but yesterday I just fell apart, and I'm worried. I've been studying and practicing it but its not clicking anymore. I'm not sure if I should study the doctrine more or the language at this point because on the one hand if I speak really well I wont have anything to say, and if I know the doctrine inside and out I wouldn't be able to express it. Besides that life's is sweet. I learned so much from church this week, I took nine pages of notes before the day was over, I would share something with you but I left my cuaderno somewhere else. I studied faith in personal study one of these past few days and it was really good. I don't know how to explain it, when you are given something you just die to share it. Being here the past 4 weeks has made me so stoked to get out in the field. Even when I teach in broken slow Portuguese and I manage to bear my testimony of the things I know for sure without a doubt and share the experiences I've had, and even though they are people pretending I just wish they would do what it says in Alma 32:27 and even if they can no more than desire, or hope that there is just a chance that something in my message can help, and would just experiment on my words, they would see it works! it really does! I'm not here in Brazil spreading fairy tales, I'm teaching truth. It really happened, Christ really paid for our sins and suffered our pains, and prophets are called of God and do reveal his will! I realized that this week and really makes me want to be bold. Before I came out here I was ashamed of the gospel of Christ, I missed a lot of opportunities to invite people to walk the most important path they will ever walk. That is gone for sure. I have to go, I miss you guys and love you all !!! bye =]

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  1. Wow Elder Romm! The language will come to you and so will learning more about the gospel. I am so proud of you for going on a mission and what a great example you are to your family and mine. :)