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January 13, 2010 - January 13, 2012

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dear Mom

Hey Mommy! We can't email you because it's very complicated here, but it's my p-day and I think we'll be figuring it out pretty soon. So the Brazilian people are amazing! I wish I would have taken some pictures with some of these Brazilhiero Elders before they left because they were amazing guys. They are insanely friendly and are so patient with us dumb slow Americans, haha. The Portuguese is coming, slowly, but I'm learning . I just can't wait to be able to actually talk with these people because they are all so nice and could teach me sooo much, if I could understand them! It's nice to be surrounded by the language, it helps a lot but at the same time kind of depressing because you see exactly how far there is to go. My teachers here are awesome. We have a zone leader who's a teacher because we don't have hardly anyone in our district and he's so funny, he always makes fun of Americans. It's so weird because we can't read Brazilians at all. We can't tell when they're messing with us! Its entertaining to them. lol One Brazilian Elder always talks to us in Spanish right after we get out of Portuguese class, and my comps are like, "I can't understand these people!" "it sounds nothing like Portuguese!" and I'm like, "its because he's speaking Spanish Elder.... and then the Brazilians just laugh and give us all a hug, he's so funny. My comps are Elder VanHorn, and Elder Coltrin. Elder VanHorn is from Monroe WA and we have a lot in common, but Elder Coltrin is from Phillidelphia. We have some struggles and personality conflicts sometimes but overall its a peaceful trio. The MTC is a beautiful place. Built like a temple with awesome granite and hardwood. They used leftover supplies from the Sao Paulo Temple and its really cool. But I'm already anxious to get out in the field. My testimony has grown a lot since I've been here and my soul feels a peace that I haven't felt in a long time, possibly never before. My prayers are answered everyday and I really feel myself beginning to change. I'm already in love with this culture and the people and look to the future with great anticipation:-) I hope everything is well at home, I love you and appreciate your example in showing me how to not be judgemental my whole life, it helps a lot that Ive already learned this lesson. Moroni 8:3

Elder Jacob Romm

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