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January 13, 2010 - January 13, 2012

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Hey Family,

The new area is pretty massive and we had a good week. It's just us now so we get to make all the moves.  We taught 15 lessons in two days and marked 9 baptismal dates. And I'm still feeling the effects from it lol.  I'm so dang tired all the time now.  But me and my companion officially have 9 months on the mish today!  Can you believe that? Pretty crazy. 

Pres. Cordon challenged us to become like Moroni for just one month to see what miracles would happen in the mission.  You never really have respect for someone until you try and follow in their footsteps; Moroni is the man.

These last couple days we talked with some members and we are really stoked.  This branch is a huge branch.  They have like 110 members, and are still a branch.  We want to start doing some activities here to get everyone excited about missionary work because the only thing that is lackin in this ward is lessons with members and we would just be baptizing every week.
So I gave my first district meeting training this past Monday.  Lets just say that I left plenty of room for improvement for the next week.

My comp is a stud, and everyday is a little more funny.  From lessons with lightly buzzed bearded men holding hands with my comp during the prayer to giant rats in the street running after us.  But my time is up and I have a picture to send but I have to go, Love you and have a great week!!!

Elder Romm

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