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January 13, 2010 - January 13, 2012

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hey Mom and Dad,

So we have been havin some good days lately.  We had the baptism of Luan this last Sunday and it was really awesome.  Not a single member of Luan's family went to watch his baptism.  When we asked him if anyone was gonna come to church with him to see his baptism he said that nobody from his family would be there, but the Lord would be there and that is family enough already.  This kid is a stud.  Also we saw a kid riding his bike on the street that we met at the house of one of our investigators Saturday night.  We invited him to go to church and he said he would, then when we went to pick up one of our investigators he was there waiting to go to church Sunday morning.  Halfway through the sacrament meeting he leaned forward and said "Elder, when can I be baptised?" Hmmm.  That was a pretty sweet experience.  His name is Delon and he is getting ready to be baptised this Sunday.  Also when we were walking to one of our other appointments, and as we rounded the corner, our investigator saw us and came running down the road screaming "I know when I want to be baptised!  This Sunday!!!!"  "I prayed and I feel prepared now!"
My companion and I are really tryin to be worthy of all these blessings.  We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the prayers of this ward and of our families who are no doubt contributing to all the progress our investigators are making.  So keep the prayers coming because its working!!!  We are working hard and it looks like we are going to need to work even more now, the Lord seems to never let you get ahead!  Its pretty intense to be able to see the opposition in all things here on the mish.  Its like a race.  We know that its us two here working for the side of good and so we know there are at least two others workin for the other side, and if we don't check up on our investigators the enemy does.
I got to go fishin today, my hands smell like fish and I did some worm hunting this morning.  Life is good.
I hope everything is well at home, I love you guys and THANKS for your prayers, we need them!!
Love ya,
Elder Romm

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