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January 13, 2010 - January 13, 2012

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Dear Mom and Dad,

Wow that was a ton of guitars.  I want to buy an acoustic to play in the house but then I think of how I could spend that time studying or sleeping and then the desire passes =P
So this last week has been really great.  Every single day we had at least one lesson super spiritual.  Elder Van Horn and I really started to teach the needs of people by the spirit.  Of course when we finally figured it out he got transferred lol.  Yesterday I went to pick up my new comp. fresh from the MTC, he's got a whole 20 days on the mish so far.  We've only been together for about 20 hours and I've already learned a lot.  Mostly about things that i need to do better.  I sense that the next 5 weeks all my impurities and faults will be ripped out of my chest with a dull spoon.  But the Lord qualifies those he calls.  Or so they tell me.

My "Son" is from Rio Grande do Norte, which means I didn't understand a word he said for the first 10 hours, but now we are understanding each other lol. He's already a great missionary and I really hope I can help him start out his mission right.  I remember how hard it was for me in the beginning because it was literally like yesterday.  He's really stoked to be a missionary and is ready to roll so that is a huge helper too.

I have been studying a lot lately about forgiveness and about how we can receive it and how we make ourselves worthy of it and I'm learning a ton about the atonement.  The Lord is very, very long suffering with us.  We are teaching a 13 year old boy and we asked him to read 3 Nephi 11. When we went back to talk with him about how it was we asked him what he felt about it and what he learned.  He said, "Well I was reading it and I learned that we need to be baptised because if not we won't get forgiveness for our sins, and well I just sat there thinking, Man, I need to repent about all these sins and be baptised if I want to be saved."  He was able to explain perfectly what happened in the chapter and we were able to show him how he could get rid of all those sins of his.  He's going be baptised December 5th.  It was really awesome when we invited him to be baptised he was like "Of course i will!"

Well, the steelhead must be getting good because the instinctive urge to go fishing is growing stronger everyday.  I hope everything is well at home. I'm praying for you guys everyday.  And I ask your prayers so that we can find and baptise these people here.  I love you both!  Have a great week!

 Elder Romm

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