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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 30, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,

So a few more days until General Conference!  Woohoo.  I have always loved general conference but I think on the mission I've really acquired a more profound love for these 4 days of the year.  It's good stuff.

So this last weekend we baptized Carlos!  It was awesome, one of the best baptisms I've had on the mission.  He was very prepared.  And he's a hilarious kid.

Sometimes I wish I could have a camera always filming what happens during the day.  I always have very interesting experiences, experiences that make me chuckle when I think back upon them but that were very painful or difficult in the moment.  Like how my companion guesses the weather and is always wrong, or when we meet crazy people to teach.  That movie the best two years should have been filmed in Brazil and it would have turned out a little more like Nacho Libre.  I think when I get back I'll hire Jack Black to play my role and make a movie.

Brad remember how you used to flex and ask me to punch your muscles to show me how strong you were and I would give it to ya right in the jugular?  Well I told my companion and my ward mission leader about that and they about wet themselves.  I wanted to apologize btw for all those throat punches.

Love you guys!  Have a nice weekend!

Elder Romm

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