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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 6th, 2011

Mom and Dad,

Wasn't conference awesome?  It's seriously the best time for a missionary.  I could watch conference all the time! In fact, I'm watchin it right now! haha.   We have also had leadership trainings this whole week so I'm feeling so uplifted i just don't know what to do with myself!

I thought it was very funny how much Pres. Monson and the apostles kept burning the young men who aren't getting married.  The other American elders and I had some good laughs.  We would just like to comment that some of us are still on the Lord's errand and everyone needs to just hang on a sec!  Hah.

We have a baptism this weekend, he is a stud.  An example of somebody who lived in the world for a long time but managed to really hold it together and follow many important commandments until we got to him.  His wife is a less active but wanting to come back.  He is an occupational therapist and works with mentally challenged children.  He has got a ton of patience. 

We are really going to be looking for some miracles in these next coming weeks,  we've been taught a lot about faith in these trainings and about how we can really work miracles in this work.  We have some people with very hard hearts and very strong addictions that we need to help.  But i really believe its gonna work out. 

When we choose to believe we really open a lot of windows (of Heaven).  I walked out of the church after watching general conference and after feeling so strongly that spirit and the absolute peace that i was carrying with me i started to look at the people on the streets and the thought came into my mind, the world has no idea what they have just lost.  I can't deny that what i felt was power of the holy ghost testifying to me that it all is true.  And if i decided not to accept the Book of Mormon as truth or the Prophet as a man called of God the spirit would never ever be able to give me this confirmation and that peace of mind, sureness in my heart, would not have ever arrived to me.  Our testimony is the most precious thing we have, and its something we can share with everyone!

Be Happy, Love you guys, have a great week!
Elder Romm

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