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January 13, 2010 - January 13, 2012

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 13th, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,

This past weekend we had Sanderson's baptism, it was really awesome, lots of people were cryin and all that good stuff.

My companion and I are starting to understand one another in our teaching and we are starting to teach a little bit better together now so that is good.  This is probably a sign that one of us will be transferred because that just seems to happen a lot.  We have been teaching a family with two girls who really want to be baptized and we found out this week that the parents don't have anything against them being baptized this next weekend.  That was definitely a tender mercy from the Lord because one of these girls was living with her grandma and her grandma is not a big fan of ours.  But this week she moved back to her mom's house and her mom loves us.  Score for Jesus!

Today we had a training that we gave to our Zone.  We assigned missionaries who don't have a lot of time on the mish to give the trainings and they rocked the house.  These missionaries that are arriving in the field now a days are at least three times cooler than i am!  Today we learned that true and complete joy is only achieved in and through Jesus Christ and his gospel.  And if you want to experience it you either have to share it or share it, then share it again.  Missionary work exists not only for us to help others receive salvation; its to help us receive salvation.  I gave a training about how we can recognize the spirit and how we can recognize his whisperings.  I definitely learned more than the other missionaries did but that's alright.  I shared a few experiences that we've had these past few weeks.  One was when we were teaching a lesson about the plan of salvation to a family where one of the daughters is deaf.  We taught with power and authority and testified of the blessing of the Resurrection and how that they could be an eternal family through the Restored Gospel.  After and during the lesson everyone was very quiet and a great peace filled the room.  Then the girl with the hearing problem looked at me with her eyes wide open and started to show me the goose bumps on her arms and pointed upwards towards the heavens and then pointed to her heart and let out a deep breath nodding her head and smiling.  She didn't understand a word we said, but the Spirit testified to her in her heart that what we were saying was true and good and she could feel the presence of the spirit.  I don't speak her language but the spirit does, i wish i knew sign language so i could ask her exactly what she was feeling and what she understood. 

I'm excited for Brad and Jess.  You guys are going to embark in the service of your God.  Where you will work side by side with angels and the holy ghost.  It is impossible to take part in this work without having spiritual experiences that also uplift us, leave life-long impressions and that strengthen our faith in Christ as our Savior.  Christ lives and he is very much involved and ever present in our lives and this is His church and gospel, and its here to help us if we let it.

I love you guys!  Spread the love!

Elder Romm
(I wanted to send pics but I think my adapter thing is broken)

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