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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 31, 2011

So my comp is gone.  It was so fast.  Now I'm here with Elder Smith from Colorado, he got here today.  He too is the man.  I was his first Zone Leader when he got to Brazil and now he's my companion.  It's gonna be great because he, like Elder Brown, has never heard the words 'Slow down' and only knows how to teach and baptise.  The Lord is like really trying to kick my trash these days.  But its what I wanted and asked for.

We baptized two people this weekend.  We have 2 more here in two weeks that we have to prepare, we have to learn the area together because its huge and I know nothing.  Its usually in these situations that you recognize how much the Lord is really involved.  We've seen a lot of tender mercies and really seen how we are literally used as tools in the Lords hands.  That is my favorite feeling.  I had written down a bunch that I wanted to share but left my old planner at home.  They are all awesome.  I remember one time we prayed to find new people to teach that wanted to really learn and progress, then not even 10 seconds later a car came to a brake melting halt right next to us and the girl inside asked if we were Mormons and where and when the church was.  Then she went the next week and now we are teaching her.  Another time we went looking for an address but it didn't exist and we were just standing in the road looking at each other wondering what to do, then a kid on a motorcycle stopped right in front of us.  It was a guy we taught in the street that works as a delivery boy.  He stopped and told us that he read the Book of Mormon and felt really good.  And we taught him a lesson right there and then he drove away.  Coincidence?  i think not.  There are so many others too!  It's so awesome!  One time we knocked on an investigators door but she was alone and we couldn't go in, but then a member came walking around the corner at that instant and we asked her if she could enter with us and she did.  She said she almost never takes that route to her house but that day she just felt like it. 

Another thing I've been able to see is that the Lord uses us to reach all of his children that need him.  We were walking the other day and we just started talking to a man beside us, Getulio, we found out that he was a College Professor of Theology, and that he was paid by the Brazilian Government to study in the united states to introduce a post doctorate program into Brazilian education.  He speaks fluent English, Portuguese, Spanish and Hebrew (at least).  Plays and writes many types of music on many instruments.  And he is Catholic but said that he is aware of many of the faults in his own religion.  He had heard of the Book of Mormon but never received a copy.  We had the opportunity to teach him and testify of it's truthfulness.  Later that same night, because of many other unseen delays and cancellations we found ourselves on a street corner next to a drugstore.  There we met David.  David was kicked out of school before learning how to read.  Is 21 years old and addicted to drugs and alcohol, and earned what he could shining shoes.  He recognised us as representatives of Christ, and asked us for help.  We talked with him about the love the Lord has for him and about his potential as a son of God. We gave him our number a bag of cookies that we bought. 

To the Lord there is on difference between Getulio and David.  They both needed him that night and we had the opportunity to be the ones to help them.

My time is up, but I love you guys, if this letter doesn't make sense it's because I wrote it flying!
Elder Romm

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