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January 13, 2010 - January 13, 2012

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hey Family

So my first two baptisms are set for this Sunday! They were supposed to be last sunday but they fell because it's a married couple and the husband is ready but Barbara failed to interview with the ZL. Which i figured would happen because when we met with them i didnt think she was ready. Plus now we have to teach her all the lessons again so i will actually get to be their missionary; even though i don't speak very well lol. Its really a cool experience actually because im such a noob at the language that i can tell when the spirit is really strong during the lessons because all of a sudden i understand every word thats being said and i can make comments which surprise people because they don't expect me to have any idea where i am lol. Its really frustrating though because i might know what to say, but if i say it they wont understand me anyways. And i cant honestly tell a difference between what i say and what they say other than i uderstand what im saying. But im trying. My companion is really patient which is cool but i think he might be to patient. Because i mean i want to work, i really do but its just that the thoughts i have have a difficult time finding their way into word form. And i think my companion is easing me into the work which is frustrating beyond all belief because then i dont feel like im working hard enough to earn the blessing of speaking the language and being able to be a tool in the hands of the Lord to bring as many people as i can a knowledge of the truth. I hope i get to serve in this area again in like a year because this is supposedly the best area in the mission, and the members are super stoked about missionary work and we meet great people but i can't help but think of all those sheep slipping through the cracks because 1. i cant tell them how true it is, 2. i cant effectively communicate with my companion and 3. I haven't lost my fear of Man yet. Im working on it but its so hard to tell if my pace is setting me up for success or failure right now. I also want to come back here when i can speak because there is this little girl that makes fun of me and my portuguese everytime i see her and i want to show her i'm not a moron lol. but for now i am lol. Its really wierd in Brazil, we had an activity last night and they played American music for a few things that people did for the talent show, like the primary fashion show and a few guys did break dancing and the music they used was interesting lol. and the Stake president asked me if they music was good or bad and i had to think about it because it really bad stuff but they deffinitely didn't teach me those words in the MTC. But yes, all the members who know any English learned the bad words first and how to use them. I know because they tell me. Which reminds me, someone should ask Lane Davidson if he served with a Elder Mosiah do Nascimento. He served in Porto Alegre and i think he knows Lane. Which would be cool because he's the only person who speaks english in our wards and because Mosiah is such a sweet name. Especially in portuguese. So i had a pretty cool experience this last week. Theres a scripture at the end of Alma 31 where Alma and his companions go off preaching the gospel and take no thought about what to eat or wear or anything and the Lord provided for them. And we have zero food in our appartment and im always hungry, idk i just am lol. And i was thinking about that scripture and i was like, If that works for Alma then it works for me too because im doing the same thing. So i thought about it and i prayed to have something to eat that night. Then we went to one of our investigators house, the couple that are getting baptised, and out of nowhere Barbara is like, Elder "hoom" you haven't had these yet huh? and she pulls out a package of top romman needle-like thing and she hands it to me and says you have to eat it, its sooo good. i was like oh man no way. Then the next day i went on splits with the zone leader and he kicked my trash, we walked everywhere and it was fetchin sweet i loved it, but anyways, we were sittin in the bus station and i could smell all this food and i was like, i want pizza so bad right now, then when my companion came i told him and he was like yea me too but we dont have money so i was like dang, alright. Then we went to teach Barbara and Raphael again and we were talking with them then Raphael went outside and came walking in with three huge pizzas. No joke. And then also the next day we were walking and i was thinking about this and how sweet it was then i started thinking about more food but i was like no, i dont want to tempt God and be struct with explosive diahrea, but if i were to want something right now, it would be something crazy, like cookies! then i thought no, nobody makes cookies here, how bout a sandwich, but those are about as rare also. Then we were gunna teach a young kid with a member boy and we were walking with them and we stopped by some members house randomly to teach this boy with them and then after the lesson, the Sister brought out grilled cheese sandwichs! i was like oh snap. and then before we left she brought out cookies! i just flipped lol. my companion was like what? and i told him i would explain when i could speak portuguese lol. But i felt all warm and fuzzy that the Lord really does care, and that he is mindful of me and i was dying to tell that story to someone because it was awesome but ningeum fala conmigo em ingles. Ta Bom. Well i hope its all good back in the casa. write me =] Com Grande Amor Elder hoom.

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