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January 13, 2010 - January 13, 2012

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hey Mom,

Sorry if i got you guys all freaked out that I was staving to death lol. I'm really doing fine, i found some noodles at the store so im set for life pretty much. And the members take good care of us here. This past week was a pretty tough one. I had some good days mixed in there but im still rockin a pretty killer portuguese head ache at night haha. Two days ago we met my first drunk guy! That was terrifying. Actually it wasn't bad but it wierded me out a little because he was holding my hands and stuff. Because it was raining and he was tryin to stay under my umbrella lol. Oh speaking of guarda-chuvas, Mom remember the one we bought to take down here? It was a red one. Well actually more acurately its pink. haha. We left them in the front of the church when we were making some calls and i heard the stake president walk in the front door and noticing my little beauty there he asked "Are the Sisters here?" I traded it for a big black umbrella that one of our investigators had lol. She thought it was cute. I liked it but my comp called it muito fag. So it had to go. Conference is this week!! im so excited! And i get to listen to it in English! I'm so stoked. They are having it in our chapel so its really close too. And i heard that Jeffrey R Holland is coming to our mission sometime. I am going to hug that man. Its my life goal i decided. And also some day in the future i will hug Alma the Younger also. Brad! thanks for writing me! I got your email and its been a while since i had a laugh of that quality. I wrote you and jess a letter today so look for it in about a month =P I also started getting some of the mail that was sent to the MTC after i left so Sara i wrote you too. Snail mail is so depressing to think about lol. So we have a few new people that we're going to start to teach and im pretty excited. We have a baptism marked for the 9th of April and that will be sweet. This guys name is Giovani and he's an ex - Buddhist. He gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon by reading the story of Alma contending with Korihor the Anti Christ. He dropped his BOM and flipped to the bent page and started reading. He decided he didn't want to be an anti-Christ anymore. Sweetlove. We met with him the other night because he had some questions that he wanted answered about who chose where we went in this life, whether God sent some children to favellas (ghettos basically) and others were born into the church. And he wanted to know how the mercy applied there for people in situations where they were affected directly by the sins of others and other things like that. Like why children were born with deformities because of the sins of their parents. My companion answered some of his questions and explained about obedience (from what i could tell), and i talked to him about the Atonement and the purpose of getting as close to Christ as we could and suffering with patience, after all, Christ suffered for every sin of every person and he was perfect. I shared with him some scriptiures in 1 Peter and he accepted our responses. Phew. He's realy smart. He restated our answers for us and it made more sense when he said it i thought. Then i started thinking of when i read that scripture in 1 Peter. It was the 5th week of the MTC i think. Then I remembered some other stuff i learned, even before my mission. The time we have to study the scriptures is super important because we are being taught the stuff we need to use later. I remember using things i learned when i was 16 out here. Brad and Jess its really important you guys write down the stuff you learn because right now the Lord is preparing you for people you will meet on your missions. Tonight you might find the principle or scripture or application of one or the other that will lead to the baptism, confirmation and eternal salvation of a soul. All from 30-60 minutes a day. Thats a humbling motivator for me and i really take seriously my study time now! I love you all and sorry for freakin you out haha. But its pretty funny. =]
Elder Romm

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