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January 13, 2010 - January 13, 2012

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Brazil Brain

Dear Family,

Wow Aunti Shell! You're so pretty! Those pictures are amazing! And the weather was perfect for bass fishin! I got to see them all and the pics of brads bulk. Brad you flippin exploded I can’t believe it. Has jess been hittin the weights too? Oh and did you guys get the pics I sent last week? I want to make a request; I need to have that picture with brad and Dylan where Dylan has his arm around brad, and brads giving the camera the fizzle face. Scratch that I want all those pics, minus the bulkin ones...that'd be weird if my comp saw my album with those in there. Eh?! So you guys are going camping at the Tucanon? Sweet love! I don’t know what it is but my brain doesn't know it’s in Brazil, it feels like it should be going fishing everyday! In a way it is...but only in an extremely more stressful pond lol.

About the wedding:
Jani's yard looks amazing and a half! That rock wall just screamed hard work. Why didn't I ever get a sweet cowboy vest? Our family is to cool for school. My brothers are big enough that I think I can finally start my private army of giants using only members of my family; they will carry me around on a big chair and we'll throw boulders off cliffs and other manly stuff. Somebody (I think Sarah) snuck in a picture of Sara W. at the wedding, yes, I caught that; what are your trying to pull lol =P Jabali rocks a suit like a stud. What’s the name of Shellie’s husband? Jk Nate. Dylan needs a haircut. haha just kiddin. But seriously, looks like the wedding went well!

Transfers are coming up and my comp is very certain that he is getting transferred. Idk what will happen. We had a baptism for this past Sunday but he decided not to go through with it because his parents asked for more time. He's been going to church for like a year already =/.
Also i started bible bashing my companion this week lol. As we walk around all day I decided that I would just practice teaching so I started teaching my companion principles and he would through down some pretty tough questions and doubts that I have to prove with scriptures. He's such a punk. The first three times I taught him he always ended up with the same problem. Chastity. I’m not gunna lie it’s a tough one to teach but now I have the scriptures to teach it lol. The funny thing is that I started teaching him about tithing.

Well that’s all the excitement for now =P lemme know if you guys are getting my pics, peace out. Love ya’ll!

Elder Romm

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