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January 13, 2010 - January 13, 2012

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Mãe e Familía

Como vocês estão? It was way awesome to talk to you guys on Mother's day!!! And today I got the other package! With the fishing license and fish love letters! It was so cool because this morning I woke up and I was like dude I can’t take this anymore I have to go fishing before these two years are over, and then the ZLs called and said I had a package and they were bringing it to me, which never happens, and inside were all these fish! Swedish fish especially. Sooo awesome, muito obrigado. I’m going to try and attach pics today so we'll see how it goes. Oh speaking of pictures, i got the ones in the package; my pictures are like my most prized possessions here lol. And Sarah, can you shrink down the pics of brad and send them to me? I still can’t see them =[

So remember when i called you guys, idk who I was talking to but i told you we talked to a Leader of some evangelical church and he was way receptive? I was way excited about starting to teach them because they were an awesome family but two days ago we went to teach them again and the Wife threw the Book of Mormon in our faces and said she didn't want anymore...I was pretty bummed...My companion started talking to her and she just kept going on about how her vision was not our vision and that kind of stuff and told us she wasn't going to read anymore of that Book. My companion just stopped for a sec and said i cannot accept this Book of Mormon, so do this, hide it. Hide it in the bottom of your closet. Save it somewhere it doesn't matter where you put it because I can tell you that he is the best missionary we have and one day i promise he's going to do his job. He's going to do his own work. She agreed to keep it. I was a little hurt afterwards but my comp just put his arm around me and said welcome to missionary work, he can't count how many times he's taken a BOM to the chest on his mission. But i realized what we really accomplished; we placed the most powerful book on this earth inside the house of that family. Hundreds of years worth of Prophets of God bearing witness of Jesus the Christ and the true path to salvation which only comes by the authority and grace of the only begotten of the Father. The pages of the Book of Mormon are covered with the information that family needs to receive peace in this life, and eternal happiness in the life to come. I feel pretty good about it now. I received a blessing from my mission president yesterday because he is leaving in June and I’ll probably not talk to him again, it was a really cool experience. Well I gtg if I’m going to figure out these pictures. Love you guys! and thanks so much for being so legit lol.

Elder Romm

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