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January 13, 2010 - January 13, 2012

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gringo Bed

Dearest Family,

So I was messing around trying to send something to you guys but it didn't work out so I’ll have to make it quick lol. This last Sunday we baptized Cezar, he's a funny old guy and his wife is already a member. It’s that family I wrote about last week I think. This week passed really fast, we taught quite a few people, we're trying to find our next group of people to teach because we just kind of baptized all of them lol...I went on splits by myself with a member last week. It wasn't so bad because the kid I was supposed to go with didn't show up so I went with the gospel principles teacher and he speaks fluent English. Blessing? I think yes. So earlier today I made pancakes with the muffin mix Sarah sent me, it was amazing. Then my comp was like " I think I’m gunna take a nap" then he climbed in my bed and when I asked him why he just said "Your bed is better, I think is the 'gringo' that makes it softer." Our beds are exactly the same lol. I just thought about all the times brad snuck into my room to sleep in my bed and how brad said I would have companions on the mish who would do the same thing. I laughed really hard. And all I have to say to brad is at least my comp kept his clothes on. That’s about all I’ve got for news this week, sounds like its getting really hot there already, the weather here has mood swings and I always guess wrong lol. Alright, I love you all!

Elder Romm

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