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January 13, 2010 - January 13, 2012

Wednesday, August 4, 2010



Life sounds like its going good back! I have never been so jealous as I am now. Brad and Jess better enjoy Jack Johnson sweet voice. I'm stoked for them lol. At least my comp sings in his sleep so its not like that's not wildly entertaining. This past week has been rough. Its so cold lol. None of the houses or stores here have doors so you feel the cold 100 percent of the time. It's so difficult to type lol.

The work has slowed down quite a bit but me and my comp have a plan to get stuff going again. We talked with some members in our ward who served missions and they told us their experiences with the enemy and how he knows when you're weak and how to hurt when he strikes. But he's gonna have to work harder to get us down we decided. This week one of our investigators had a "visitor" in her house and he made her write down 24 pages of lies riddled with truths about the doctrine of the church. He didn't have a physical body so we knew who sent him. We gave her a blessing and dedicated her house so she shouldn't have anymore unwelcome visits. That was a pretty spooky experience.

Oh and Mom, could you send me Cam's address? And I wanted to write Spencer too but I'll just send it to the house and make brad deliver it to him. Idk if he's even still living in B-town or no. That's about all I got for now lol. Oh and I think its okay to say now that I'm officially fluent in Portuguese. Hala-freekin-luleiah!

Elder Romm

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