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January 13, 2010 - January 13, 2012

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I guess the Brazilian government is taxing everything and anything from the US and it was just bad luck that they grabbed both of my packages =( they said that if I don't do anything they will just send them back home, so I just left them there. They open them up and charge me what it would cost to buy everything here in Brazil. Its retarded. Just don't send me anymore packages I guess =/ or at least wait to see if they send it back, and yea, pictures of Jesus should help lol.

I got a new comp today, it was transfers and my comp went. This transfer went by really quick. I got to see my companion from the MTC today! it was so cool, we spoke Portuguese together and it was so weird! I remember back in the MTC when we use to say, "man one day I'm gonna see you in the field and I'm only going to speak Portuguese to you and you're gonna understand me!" and it happened today ha ha. And I ordered delivery food from a place all by myself. Also another goal met ha ha.

My new comp is Elder Fagundes, another Brazilian. I'm never going to have an American comp lol. He's cool and we're gonna baptize a ton of people here. He has 19 months so he has a lot of experience but not so much that hes tired already. Other than that life keeps going, I'll send some new pics. I'm addicted to pop so that's why I'm fatter.
Elder Romm

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