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January 13, 2010 - January 13, 2012

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11, 20011

Dear Family,

It was so great to talk to you guys this mother's day!  I don't know if that was the last time I'm gonna call or if I'll be home after Christmas but either way its just around the corner.

This past week we have been looking for a better way to meet people to teach.  We decided that when we knock on doors it seems like they always have the higher ground and can get away easier, so we took our battle to the streets and we discovered that they can't run very easily when we corner them!  Haha.  Its been interesting but we'll see if this new technique works out.

Thanks for the picture of Al's fish, i sent it to my President so he can suffer with me.

This weekend we have two baptisms marked, Josiane and Mariana.  I'm learning a lot of Brazilian sign language teaching Josiane, its pretty awesome.  But it gets pretty difficult when we start mixing three languages together. 

After Sarah told me about that huge bag of Swedish fish she bought i have dreamed every night that I'm eating Swedish fish.

Hey what is the name of that slushy from Taco bell that is mango and strawberry?  I was trying to describe it to my companion but i couldn't remember.  Do they still have it?

Oh and i hear that Steph is coming to visit, that will be fun, all the little'uns running around, Nammy's house will be the happening place. 

I'm looking forward to the next couple months, we have been challenged to be better and to look a little bit harder, walk a little bit more and use a little more faith to achieve the miracles and promises found in the scriptures.  One thing i noticed this last phone call is that if we're not talking about the gospel i don't have anything to say.  That's pretty weird but its true. 

Well i love you all more than you guys know, and I'm always thinking about ya'll.  Have a great week and do something nice for one another!

Elder Romm

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